Stub Walls

Crawlspace stub wall forms and pour

Some call it stub wall, or sill wall, or crawlspace wall, or foundation wall, or basement wall.  What ever you call it, I needed to build one.

November 12, 2003. 
Our construction project "finally" resumed.  And our Power company battle continued.

Here the finished footings with vertical rebar and on the footings is the start of the stub wall 1X4 plate to hold the form boards in place. The 1X4 plates were reused from the demolished tool sheds.  Jim was real ingenious here.  We drilled a hole in the 1X4 into the concrete and used one 16d and one 8d nail and one 6" piece of tie wire in the hole to hold the plate down.  Even better, I reused old nails from the sheds and wire from the footing setup.  It was all done with material at hand.

Here the stub walls are up with shoes on.  Jim was able to borrow the 300+ shoes so I didn't have to buy or rent them.  He also had another friend with just enough form boards to add to my free form boards to make it do the whole job!    Most of this form board plywood was High dollar professional ply with spending faces just for concrete pouring.  Then again, some of it had been used for a chicken coop ;)
Jim spent many hours working with me and guiding my progress building the stub walls and getting them put in place properly and securely.  This picture shows the walls erected with rebar inside and snap ties holding the inside/outside 8" apart.  Can't see the shoes on either side on the ends of the snapties.  The pic on the right is a close up where you can see several pvc tubes to make holes through the wall for utilities.  You can also spot one of the 10 vents used inside the stub walls for crawlspace venting.
Close as possible to show the insides again as well as the footing plate holding the walls at the bottom.

I ran just a little short on form boards, but I was able to scrounge another sheet and a half from the demolished shed flooring I saved!   Can't really make out those re-used nails in the re-used 1X4's.  I was impressed Jim was able to make so much work out of so little. 

Jim also pointed me to the place to buy rebar and concrete supplies where contractors go, so I saved a bit more on top.

  11/20/03 - Not too many pictures from the stub wall pour.  Jim again was our supervisor and keep tabs on how the pour went.  He actually took the pump line this time, followed by Josh with the wicked body busting cement vibrator.  Josh brought extra help this time.  His father in-law Ken followed Josh carrying the vibrator motor and his brother in-law helped tote that hefty cement pump line.  I followed the operation finishing cement to our line height. 
Stub walls with form boards freshly stripped off.  Note the 2X10 rim joist we had to embed into the concrete stub wall within the forms.
Another shot of the finished stub wall.  I've snapped off some snapties.  The snapties were NOT easy to snap off!  You can see white spots from patches to the form boards and vents embedded into the wall.  Came out pretty nice.  Lots of work instead of Lots of money.  Took about 10 times as long as a professional crew would have taken.

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